It's one of the nine models in the Compact series with a cutting range from 3100 x 1644mm up to 5350 x 2200mm. They can cut practically all wood-based sheet materials as well as timber, plaster board, plastics, composites and aluminium panels. An automatic feed series, the Compact AV, is also available. A top-of-the range Striebig vertical panel saw plus an entry-level model will be demonstrated by T. Other standard features include a digital measuring system, accurate to 0. With manual feeding of the saw unit eliminated the operator's task is made easier, giving him ample time to prepare the next job. Numerous procedures can be carried out at the press of a button, including locking and releasing the beam saw, setting the horizontal cutting height, plunging and swivelling the motor, locking the support rollers during sawing and fine saw blade adjustment.This allows for the automatic positioning of both the length stop and saw head, increasing the saw's productivity by delivering automatic repeat strip and upper trim cutting. Fitted as standard is Striebig's user-friendly "touch and saw" operating system, providing easy and convenient control through a touch screen panel that operates all of the machine's functions. Striebig vertical panel saws can be wall-mounted or freestanding. Also on show will be a Striebig Compact 4164 model, a manually operated all-rounder that brings Striebig's renowned quality within the reach of the smallest business. Machinery Sales, the Swiss manufacturer's exclusive UK dealer, at the W12 Working with Wood exhibition at the NEC, Birmingham, October 7-10 (Stand No LED STREET LIGHT SLRX Company 8B 245).1 mm, and an adjustable precision display that can be set to an accuracy of 1. They guarantee impressive dust limit values well below 1mg/m3. The fully-automatic Striebig Control 5216 fitted with a scoring blade will feature Striebig's optional Electronic Positioning System (EPS) on both the horizontal and vertical axes. 1 mm, according to the thickness of the panels being The Compact is based on a single, fully welded sawing frame to give decades of reliable service whilst maintaining cutting precision.



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