"There has been tremendous interest in being involved with our presentation, and I am very happy to create an opportunity for Passport to tell their wonderful story.) August 31, 2012 - Public speaker, author of "Invest best outdoor flood lights in Penny Stocks," and publisher of the Peter Leeds penny stocks newsletter, announces that Passport Potash will once again be taking part in his "Tomorrow's Winners Today" panel, to be held at the World MoneyShow in Toronto from October 18th to 20th. "As the penny stocks on the panel explain their situations, it should generate tremendous interest among potential investors. Attendance to be involved with World MoneyShow is free, but it does require registration. "Any penny stocks on the panel will have a great opportunity to put themselves and their shares in front of numerous investors," mentions Leeds. Leeds has been featured by top media outlets from Manhattan to Moscow, and has subscribers to his newsletter from six continents. Passport Potash is a publicly traded potash mining company. The audience will also have time to meet Peter in person, ask questions, and learn more about his approach to investing in penny stocks. The Tomorrow's Winners Today panel is limited to three participating companies, and is always led and moderated by Leeds. Those investors will then in turn be able to ask questions, and make better decisions about which penny stocks they want to be involved with." Register, or learn more about the MoneyShow Peter Leeds is well known and widely respected for his analysis on penny stocks. Attendance to his speech is free. Shares trade with the symbol PPI, on the Toronto Venture Exchange in Canada. The Leeds' penny stocks team are also restricted (by choice) from trading the penny stocks that the analyse. As stated on their website of their world famous penny stocks newsletter, Peter Leeds and his penny stocks team never take compensation from the penny stocks they review, and their published opinions are completely unbiased. The public talk is called, "Invest in Penny Stocks," which is similarly the title of his widely popular book on penny stocks. Leeds will also be giving a public speech prior to the panel, to discuss penny stocks, ways of finding the best low-priced shares, and what to look for in penny stocks. The World MoneyShow will bring publicly traded companies, penny stocks, investors, and numerous services together." Panelist will provide a brief presentation to MoneyShow visitors on the main stage, thus putting their companies in front of numerous investors and potential shareholders. "To have Passport coming back to be on the penny stock panel again is a great vote of confidence," states Leeds. Neither he nor his team has ever taken any compensation from the penny stocks they profile or the penny stocks they analyze.



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